Symposium for Chinese Neuroscientists Worldwide 2018 (SCNW 2018)

July 6-9, 2018, Qingdao, Shandong, China

About the SCNW

SCNW is a biennial meeting to provide a forum for Chinese Neuroscientists worldwide to present and discuss research in all areas of neurosciences. The mission of SCNW is to promote interactions, collaborations, and friendship among Chinese neuroscientists worldwide and to promote neuroscience research in China. 

The first SCNW was held in He Fei, An Hui province in 2000 with huge success. Seven SCNWs were subsequently held in Cheng Du (2002), Guang Zhou (2004), Kun Ming (2006), Chang Sha (2008), Nan Chang (2010), Xi'an (2012) ,Soochow (2014)and Hefei (2016). SCNW has been regarded as one of the best conferences for neuroscientists of Chinese origin to get together in China. 

After 18 years, the tenth SCNW will be held in Qingdao, Shandong province in 2018.SCNW conferences are supported by Chinese Neuroscience Society (CNS) and Qingdao University.

Advance Registration Mar 15-May 31,2018

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Scientific Program

Session Title
1 Brain Circuitry and Function
2 Molecular Mechanism of Neural Development and Developmental Disorders
3 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Neurodegeneration
4 Glia in Health and Disease
5 Genetic & Epigenetic Endeavors in Brain Disorders
6 CNS Drug Target and Discovery
7 Mechanisms of Drug Addiction
8 Proteinopathies in Neurodegenerative Diseases
9 Induced Pluripotential Stem Cells (iPSC)

Jul 6-9, 

Meeting Date

Mar 15-May 31, 2018

Advance Registration

Mar 15-May 31, 2018

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May 31, 

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